The Motion Graphics

Here I listed some motion graphic works I did in my extracurricular time.
Hope you enjoy them :)

The loading animations

[ March 2020 ]

My most recent works are mainly on some simple animations which can be rendered from After Effects to JavaScript codes with Lottie.
Here are some loading animations I created:

Dynamic Posters

[ January 2019 ]

These posters are designed for the celebration of Chinese New Year festical. They posters are made for commercial use.

The three poster [from left to right] depict the three most important days in Chinese lunar year.

  1. The New Year's Eve :
    Every family clean and decorate their house with red paper-cuts, which symbolize good fortune. It's also time for families to gather together for the annual reunion dinner.
  2. The first day of the new Chinese Lunar Year :
    It's time for people to visit their relatives. We will light fireworks, burn bamboo sticks and firecrackers and to make as much of a din as possible to chase off the evil spirits.
  3. The fifth day of the new Chinese Lunar Year :
    It is a very important day for businessman in China! This day is the god of Wealth's birthday. People will shoot off firecrackers to get the god's attention, thus ensuring his favor and good fortune for the new year.

Other earlier works

[ Before 2018 ]

These works are all for the introduction of student activities / projects in my undergraduate years. They are not perfect and there are many akward cuttings.
But lots of happy memories!

My undergradute class

This work depict the time I spent with my undergradute classmates with line-style pictures. In the end, is the logo I designed for our class. We used this video as the background of a poetry recitation.
You can find the whole video [HERE]

Some fragments

The Comp&Lec platform by Sigmago

This video introduce our group (Sigmago) project at the Software Engineering class at Tsinghua. We developed a website that gathered all the competitions and lectures in our campus. Sadly, the link is broken now...
The first part of the video introduced the website using motion graphics; the second part is an interview of all the group members.
You can find the whole video [HERE]

Some fragments

My Contributions

Made the video
Record those moments


All those happy stories in my life

Relative Links

You can find more information here:
[Google Drive] : The google drive contains those video (and some more akward ones)