Intelligent Stroller

With the development of society and the improvement of living standards, parents have more and more requirements for the function of baby carriages. In order to the environmental protection (air pollution weather, excessive light), security anti-theft (automatic brake, stealing alarm) and other functions, I did several researches about the current situation and solutions before designing and drawing the circuit diagram of the project, and finally completing the smart stroller with environmental protection and security anti-theft function.
It can automatically purify the air inside the car in smog weather. Automatically sense the light intensity when the sun is too strong and open the awning to block the sunlight. It also has automatic brake and baby burglar alarm function.


Since last year, air pollution problems have occurred in most parts of China. The harmful substances in the air have caused great harm to people’s health, especially infants and young people, whose organs have not yet fully developed. In order to reduce the impact of smog and mist weather on the health of infants, many parents tend to keep their children at home. However, outdoor activities are important to the physical and mental development of infants. Moreover, excessive sunlight, stolen issues are all insecure factors.
In order to solve these dilemmas. I designed an intelligent stroller with environmental protection and security anti-theft function, which can automatically purify the air inside the baby carrier and sense the light intensity. Sunlight, automatic braking and baby burglar alarms are available to meet the new needs of parents for baby strollers in today’s natural and social environment.



Circuit Diagram

Assembling & Debugging


Structure and Feature Design

Air purification

The dust sensor is used to continuously monitor the dust concentration in the air inside and outside the vehicle. If the dust concentration outside the vehicle exceeds the set threshold value, an audible an visual alarm will be given to prompt the user to open the sunshade. At the same time, the signal is automatically activated to activate the motor, thus the outside air is filtered through the filter membrane and delivered to the stroller.

Sunshade and sun protection

The photosensitive light sensor is used to detect the sunlight light intensity. If the light intensity exceeds the set threshold value, an alarm is issued to prompt the user to open the sunshade. Avoid damage to your baby's eyes and skin.

Automatic braking

The electromagnet is inserted into the wheel axle of the stroller. Since the rotating shaft is a gear structure, when the electromagnet is inserted, the gear is stuck, thereby controlling the rotation of the wheel and realizing the automatic braking function.

Alarm anti-theft

The infrared sensor is installed in the position of the stroller which is the easiest to detect the presence of the baby. The triaxial acceleration sensor is used to monitor the motion state of the stroller. If an abnormal movement occurs, the alarm is also started.

Activation and wireless communication

The reed switch is used as the start switch to identify whether the wireless receiving box has been removed, thereby starting the automatic braking and alarm anti-theft function.When the wireless receiving box is removed, the magnet disappears and the reed switch is released, thereby forming a switch; at the same time, I use the radio transmitting and receiving circuits to be installed in the stroller body and the receiving box, respectively, thereby completing the wireless communication function.

Patent Certifications

Below listed the patent certification of the intelligent stroller and some other patents of mine.

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