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I am Rima Cao !


Hi, I am Rima (Yining) Cao!

I got my bachelor's degree from Tsinghua University, China. Currently I am a master student at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, majoring in Data Analasis and Human-Computer Interaction. I am a graduate student research assistent at ICRL directed by Professor Jessie Yang. I also work closely with Professor Eytan Adar on some cool research works.

My research interest lies in the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Vision and Data Mining. I am interested in building intelligent interactive system and data-driven modeling.

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Recent Research

Check out my recent research works and projects here!

VideoSticker : A Tool for Active Visual Note-taking and Annotation

Jan,2020 - Now, advised by professor Eytan Adar

We propose VideoStickers , a tool for supporting graphical note-taking from videos. VideoStickers utilizes object detection and tracking and linking to narratives to allow the viewer to quickly `collect' a sticker and integrate the content into motion graphical notes.

More projects

Most of my works combine algorithms, designs and fun.


Super Musician

Music Style Transfer Based on AutoEncoder



Extractive text summarization with sequence-to-sequence model


Visualization for Winter Olympics

This the blog for developing communicative visualization to show the who's the winner for winter olympics



A personal mobile data trasaction platform


Jumping Fun

A website game developed by three.Js



An intelligent stroller with environmental protection and security anti-theft function.

More in Life :)

Beyond academic researches, I am also interested in other fields like dancing, drawing, handicraft, etc. Here list some of my hobbies and shows another part of me.

Drawing & Design

Draw a popular science brochure

October, 2018

3D Tsinghua C4D Modeling

October, 2016

Motion Poster for Spring Festival

Janurary, 2018

Voluntary work

Water filter for arsenic removal

June, 2017

Voluntary teaching

October, 2017

Voluntary sampling

Feburary, 2018

Jazz & Aerobic

Jazz performance

May, 2017


November, 2017

Aerobic competition

October, 2017



November, 2015

Snow town

Janurary, 2017

Water town

October, 2017


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